Spreading Social Welfare

IYF has been tirelessly working to deliver cooked meals to people in the affected areas during the Pandemic. By far, we have provided food supplies to 2,00,000 people. A group of around 400 volunteers religiously work day and night in delivering ration to households BLP, approximately 10,000 families have received day-to-day food on their plates. Apart from food, essential items like soaps, sanitizers, masks, sanitary napkins are also transported. IYF also tries to find innovative and creative ways to develop self-employment opportunities as well as support their jobs.

a) Our foundation seeks to identify and contribute to the solution of the social, economic & environmental problems. Our foundation will work mainly in the fields that require action-oriented work, provide training and promote entrepreneurship.
We want to work for the development of both rural and urban areas.
The area of our focus will be human rights, healthcare, child welfare, food supply and nutrition. We intend to team up with Local Administration for minorities development, labour welfare, abdicate poverty promote sanitation and address the issues faced by women.

(b) We want to promote development projects related to social welfare which address rural problems. The promotion of scientific practices to develop the villages is one of our objectives.
For the benefit of the local community, we will take initiative to promote handicraft and establish handloom and power loom