Spreading Social Welfare

The team of India Young Foundation is tirelessly working to help the society at large. We have put our best efforts to help the people worst affected by the pandemic. Our team has worked day and night to deliver food and essential supplies to the people who needed help and support. We want to help the community similarly in the face of other crucial social issues.

To establish educational institutions and Skill Development Centres

For the purpose of enriching rural children with top-quality education, we aim to engage in holistic activities such as quizzes, debates and elocution for students who are presently in Primary School to all the way up to Post Graduate Level. We would also provide them training in skill development by inculcating knowledge of various non-academic courses.

To enrich the environment and promote modern agricultural practices

For sustainable development, we disseminate the knowledge of non-conventional energy, technology, environment, water management, etc. and train people for the same. We focus on making people aware of the ecology, environment, and their interdependence; and as such promote the use of bio-fertilizers, green manure, and improved varieties of crops and seeds.

To institutionalize healthcare facilities and create community awareness 

We would establish Public Charitable Hospitals, which are accessible to all, irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion and would provide mobile healthcare facilities in remote areas. Making healthcare easily accessible is our top priority, and to further our goals we would carry out ‘Awareness Drives’ and also organize ‘Blood Donation’ and ‘Eye operation‘ camps.

Delivering Smiles through charity and knowledge

Our ultimate aim is to improve lives and bring smiles of joy and happiness among people, especially to those who have been hardened by various hardships in their lives. Quality of life and happiness are the foremost indicators of liveability of a place, and hence remains our focus in improving those standards.

Employment Generation

Mass employment genration in urban and rural India through inonvative work models.