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Welcome to India Young Foundation

A group of young students came together with one indistinguishable goal, to change society for good. The sole purpose behind this idea was to help society and to give a platform to the youth.

This was how the India Young Foundation was founded in Ranchi, Jharkhand in December 2019. India Young Foundation follows a simple yet spiffing motto of ‘Karma, Seva, Parampara’. This saying has acted as a stepping stone in all the developmental work by the foundation. It emphasizes on doing our work (Karma) along with serving the society (Seva) while keeping in mind our ethos and principles (Parampara).

We believe that the youth are the citizens of today, not tomorrow. India has one of the largest youth population in the world. A significant amount of this population has a lot of untapped potentials. Therefore, we want to help them in achieving their goals and dreams and return their service to humanity. The foundation also provides the youth with a platform to express themselves and help them find their talents. We encourage them to showcase their flairs intellectually, creatively and athletically. To bring these ideas to fruition, we organize events like ‘Yuva Sangam’, ‘Parivartan’ and ‘Josh’.

Along with empowering the youth, IYF has done significant work to curb the difficulties and challenges during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 outbreak, made us realise the severe crisis and challenges faced by the poor and the needy. Our team has left no stone unturned to help all the people facing the crisis and provided them with food and essential supplies. We launched an initiative “#feedingsouls” with the motto ‘Delivering smiles, No Empty Stomachs’ to provide cooked meals in impoverished areas of Ranchi. IYF has been tirelessly working in delivering food to the needy since the lockdown. It has successfully delivered cooked meals to over 2 lakh people. Not only this, but the organization has also provided ration to around 15000 plus households in just 70 days with the help of its diligent volunteers. Through the initiative “#feedingsouls”, India Young Foundation has played a vital role in mitigating the crisis in Jharkhand.

COVID-19 Jharkhand Status

Total tested : 5217119

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